Takayuki KANDA

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I moved to Kyoto University from April 2018. The recent information is available here
Research Topics

We aim to realize "human-like robots" that operate in human daily environments in symbiotic way and collaborate with people. For this aim, we conduct there are three types of research works, as follows.
  • Sensor network that enables robots to interact with people in real world
  • Modeling that endows "human-like ness" to a robot (both behaviorlly and computationally), which allows it to interact with people in natural and smooth way
  • Simulation techniques that reproduce relevant human behaviors on computers, so that robots anticipate how its behavior would influence to people (and crowd of people)
  • Real-world human-robot interaction studies which enables us to better design robotic system that is socially acceptable




Kyoto University

Vigiting Group Leader
Intelligent Robotics and Communication Laboratorie, ATR (Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International)

Our ATR lab accepts graduate students. Graduate students who wish to study at our lab should enter to Graduate School of Informatics, Kyoto university. Please refer to the following page regarding to the admission information.

2-2-2 Hikaridai
Sourakugun, Seikacho
Kyoto 619-0288 Japan
Tel +81 774 95 1424
Fax +81 774 95 1408
E-mail kanda @ atr.jp

Last update March 28, 2018