About Me

Name :  Takahiro Miyashita

Title :   Ph. D.

Affiliation :   Network Robots Lab.

Hot Topics

  1. 箇条書き項目IEICE the 1st workshop on Cloud Networked Robotics (Keio Univ. 12, May, 2011)


  1. 箇条書き項目Ubiquitous Network Robots

  2. 箇条書き項目Human-Robot Symbiosis

  3. 箇条書き項目Ubiquitous Market

Previous Keywords

  1. 箇条書き項目IGV-PJ-1

  2. 箇条書き項目IGV-PJ-2

  3. 箇条書き項目Education Program for Engineers and Enterprisers in Robotics

  4. 箇条書き項目Structured Environmental Information Platform for Robotic Applications @ Universal City Walk Osaka


Hello, my name is Miyashita. I am a colleague of Robovies and a researcher in ATR-IRC. In this page, I would like to introduce my researches. A detailed information about me is here.

However, this page is under construction.

Please wait a couple of days.

Research Topics

  1. 箇条書き項目 Wheeled Inverted Pendulum Mechanism for communication robots

  2. 箇条書き項目 Soft and Sensitive Skin Sensor for humanoid robots

  3. 箇条書き項目 Human Position and Direction Tracking based on LRFs


Hi!  I am human.