ICRA 2009 Workshop

Network Robot Systems: Legal and Safety Concerns in Urban Settings

May 12 (full day), 2009
Kobe, Japan
to be held in conjunction with ICRA 2009

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In the previous series of workshops on 'network robot systems', we have invited key persons in network robot systems research from various regions such as America, Europe and Asia to discuss the current status of this new research area and its future direction. This has enabled us to clarify the fundamental research areas pertaining to network robot systems. The first objective is the continuation of this effort of community building by bringing together key people from research areas related to network robot systems.

In addition to continuing our successful effort of community building, this proposed workshop will place special emphasis on one fundamental aspect, "legal and safety concerns for operating robots in a city"; robots already started to work in our daily lives, which have raised question whether it is legal, who will be responsible for what. This society-level concern is related to both technical limitations and societies' requirement. This problem should be shared internationally so that we can think about a global-standard about legal and safety criteria.

In conjunction with these efforts, the research community should contribute its significant knowledge base towards the goal of technical standardization, which is always needed in industry. Reflecting the growth of this research community, this direction of research is now supported by many governments. Several initial 'network robot systems' have already built, such as those in Japan and Korea. This suggests that we should start a discussion on standardization, which would enable many developers to create products related to 'network robot systems' and easily collaborate with each other. This workshop will be the ideal place for such a discussion. In addition, as the research grows on network robot systems, interpretations of the definition of "network(ed) robot" tend to diverge. Thus, we need to coordinate the definition for the purpose of community building.


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The lawer, Mr. Kobayashi's presentation.

Important Dates

Paper submission due (for invited speakers): March 9, 2009
Workshop: May 12


Norihiro Hagita
ATR Intelligent Robotics and Communication Laboratories, Japan

Alberto Sanfeliu
Technical University of Catalonia, Spain

Hiroshi Ishiguro
Osaka University, Japan


Takayuki Kanda
ATR Intelligent Robotics and Communication Laboratories, Japan