Research Overview

Recently, we are witnessing the advent of a society where robots support people in their daily life. For this future society, our research project aims to realize a society of human-robot symbiosis, in which humans and robots mutually learn from each other based on trust relationships. It involves three research directions. Robotics research will enable us to improve the perceptual and computational capability of robots to fulfill required quality of interaction. For example, with recent advancements in robotics, robots are able to recognize people’s behavior and able to communicate with gestures and talk. Studies in cognitive science will provide evidences of how people build trust relationships with robots, and in turn will enable us to design robots that will be able to build trust relationship with peopl e. Studies in learning sciences started to reveal necessary conditions with which people produce creative and intelligent outcomes through collaboration with others as well as reflecting self thoughts and acts. Therefore, by using robots to satisfy such conditions, we expect that robots will be able to play a fundamental role in enhancing the quality of the cognitive process taking place in a collaborative work.

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