Communications Robot

コミュニケーションロボット 「Robovie-IV」~私たちの日常社会への参加を目指して~ンロボット 「Robovie-IV」~私たちの日常社会への参加を目指して~


What features are required in order for a robot to be well accepted by many different people? We are taking a robotics and cognitive science approach to creating a robot that has various communicative functions and will be well accepted within our sociery.

We developed 「Robovie-IV」, a platform for research which has various communication functionalities such as voice dialog and skin sensing.


Freedom: 3 on head (2 for each eye)
4 for each chest
2 for wheel
up and down 4 for assist wheel
Sensor: 4 for amnidirection
2 for Color CCD camera
1 for Microphone
56 for skin sensor(whole body)
2 for posture sensor
Movement: wheeled inverted pendulum mechanism
and PWS with four casters
Built-In PC: CPU:Pentium-M 2GHz OS:Linux
Power Supply: DC 24V (Ni-Cd)

Hardware Architechture


Soft Skin and Body Sensor


Robovie-IV can change wheeled inverted pendulum mode to normal wheeled mode


Human Position Recognition by RF Tag and Laser Range Sensor


Future Plan


Through the accumulation of experimental research in our office as well as at a Science Museum, we are beginning to understand the communication features that necessary for a robot to easily participate in our sociery.
So, in the near future, we will be able to create a robot that can suuport us in our daily life.

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