Human Robot Interaction

A variety of interaction between humans and robots are analyzed, designed and verified with various perspectives.

Communication Robot

コミュニケーションロボットWhat features are required in order for a robot to be well accepted by many different people? We are taking a robotics and cognitive science approach to creating a robot that has various communicative functions and will be well accepted within our sociery.We developed 「Robovie-IV」, a platform for research which has various communication functionalities such as voice dialog and skin sensing.
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Intelligence Communication Module

コミュニケーション知能モジュールOur research is to develop Communication Intelligence Modules for creating friendly human-robot interaction in public places through the use of high efficient sensing technology.
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GeminoidWe are researching science and technology that can be used to project one’s presence over a long distance through the android Geminoid. We are using this android to research and analyze aspects of a human’s existence.
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