Human Gaze Tracking Technology

ひとつのカメラで離れた場所から 人の視線を検出する技術を研究開発


  • Current commercial gaze tracking devices require a special device attached to the user and are also difficult to use in contexts of real world use.
  • Current commercial gaze tracking technology requires calibration in each space for human ocular movement. So, it is difficult to measure an unspecified user’s gaze. Therefore, calibration-free tracking technology is necessary in order to apply it to a real-world space.


単眼非装着視線計測技術のイメージSingle camera gaze tracking technology
We have developed a 3D eyeball model based on “Single camera gaze tracking technology” using face characteristic point extraction. This technology is calibration-free and does not require a special device that is attached to the user.

複数人同時視線計測技術のイメージGaze tracking technology for the large number of people
By enhancing our single camera gaze tracking technology, we have developed gaze tracking technology that can also be used on multiple people within a large.

商品情報提供システムのイメージMerchandise information offer system
We have developed a merchandise information offer system based on the single camera gaze tracking technology. This system offers information to the store on what people are looking at, and also the timing on when they look at different products.

Future Plan

Improving accuracy is necessary in order to apply this technology to marketing and other areas. But current gaze detection accuracy is about±5°, and therefore accurate enough accuracy for use it areas like living spaces.

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