Human Behavior Analysis

This project is to develop algorithms and/or sensors on people’s intentions,
interests, etc for internal information and behaviors.


Gaze Tracking System

視線検出技術の開発We have developed a 3D eyeball model based on “Single camera gaze tracking technology” using face characteristic point extraction. This technology is calibration-free and does not require a special device that is attached to the user.
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Driving Assessment

運転技能の自動評価We are developing an automatic driving assessment advising system based on safety driving experts and the use of small gyro-sensors, with the aim of preventing driving accidents.
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MEMS Tactile Sensor

MEMS Tactile SensorWe are developing a robot tactile sensor that can precisely measure hand pressure and grip from human. This can be used in a next generation industrial human support robot so that a robot can hold an object with the right amount of presure, such that it will not drop it. Through experimental work using a tactile sensor attached to the robot’s fingers, we have developed a system automatic recognition system for holding objects.
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