萩田 紀博Our lab has developed communication robots for everyday life. They are very cute and also give us heartful feelings by making gesture with a kid voice. Recent results of field experiment show the feasibility of route guides and latest information on restaurant in shopping mall. Time for human living with robots is counting down. Indeed, robot itself has a kind of physical existence of communication media and sometimes give us a feeling of its human presence as if there is one more person beside us. And also there seems to be conspicuous difference in robots between robot-like robot and human-like robot. We, therefore, are doing research on sense of robot’s existence with the assumption that the robot will be in our town or live with us as a family for the foreseeable future. We will continuously plan to operate a wide range of field experiments, to participate international standardization activity, and to achieve effective commercialization of our research results onward. Director Norihiro Hagita

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