Research Projects

We, IRC, research and develop communication robots and ambient intelligence fo...

Research Projects Research Projects

Ubiquitous Network Robot

Ubiquitous Network Robots (UNR) Aiming at coordination/cooperation of robot...

Ubiquitous Network Robot Ubiquitous Network Robot


Overview We are researching science and technology that can be used to proj...

Geminoid Geminoid

Human Behavior Analysis

This project is to develop algorithms and/or sensors on people’s intentions, i...

Human Behavior Analysis Human Behavior Analysis

Driving Assessment

Overview We are developing an automatic driving assessment advising system ...

Driving Assessment Driving Assessment

Human-Robot Symbiosis

This project aims to realize a society of human-robot symbiosis, in which hu...

Human-Robot Symbiosis Human-Robot Symbiosis

Communications Intelligence Modules

Abstract Our research is to develop Communication Intelligence Modules for ...

Communications Intelligence Modules Communications Intelligence Modules



Human-Robot symbiosis Symposium in Jan.2014


Date January 11st and 12nd, 2014 Venue 1/11: Fukutake Hall  B2 at Tokyo University 1/12: Ito I...

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Symposium”Robotic Service:From the front edge to the future”


Date December 6th, 2013 13:30-17:10   Venue Station Conference Tokyo (Sapia Tower 4-6F...

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